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C O N V E N T O   D E L L' A N N U N C I A T A




The Convento dell’Annunciata di Medole was founded in 1455 thanks to a donation given to the Hermits of Saint Augustine, consisting of a small private church with a house and vegetable garden. Over the centuries the convent grew in importance. On 28 June 1543 Holy Roman Emperor Charles V visited the convent and gave the monks a magnificent, silver-bound book of hours. Another illustrious visitor was San Luigi Gonzaga, who was extremely devoted to the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary kept by the friars.

Situated on the dividing line between Medole and Castel Goffredo, the convent was the subject of a 160-year-long, often violent dispute between two branches of the Gonzaga family. 

In 1783, during the reign of Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II, the convent was closed and the property has since been handed down to the current owners.

In 1885 Giuseppe Sarto, the future Pope Pius X, visited the church and granted Francesco Ceni the right to celebrate mass there.

In 1994 the film director Rondalli from Ermanno Olmi’s “Ipotesi Cinema” group, shot “Quam Mirabilis” at the Convento dell’Annunciata. This short film won a special mention for best acting at the Kiev “Molodist” festival and the Dunkerque festival (1995), as well as a mention for the best director at “Sulmona Cinema 94” and the judges’ special prize at the Messina festival.

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The Convento dell’Annunciata is located in an area rich in natural beauty and artistic treasures, which appeal to an international clientele. It is close to Lake Garda, the rolling Moreniche hills, Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, Mantova, the renaissance capital of the Gonzaga, and Brescia, famous for its Roman and Longobard remains. The surrounding countryside is dotted with castles, medieval villages, renaissance villas, ancient churches with major art treasures and breathtaking landscapes to discover beyond the usual tourist destinations.


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