An ancient family home immersed in a secluded woodland area. Centuries of history echo throughout every corner of the woods, waiting to be discovered, when, as night falls, the candles are lit in the cloisters with fireflies dancing in the dense twilight of the park, and then, the celebration begins.

Our passion for the difficult art of hospitality.
We believe that simplicity, history, sophistication and attention to detail lie at the very heart of the Convento dell’Annunciata.

We are sure that in choosing the Convento dell’Annunciata, it will be a far cry from the false, superficial luxury that today dominates the world of the wedding business.
Our guests seek attention to detail and are open to an added touch of the utmost glamour, while remaining unpretentious and effortless without the need to force anything. As Baldassarre Castiglione, a Mantuan like us and a master of sophistication, tells us:
everyone knows the complexity of rare and well-made things; the ease in them inspires great wonder; on the contrary, to force or labour a point, so to speak, leaves little air of mystery about everything, however great it may be.

The Convento dell'Annunciata was not created to host only one particular type of reception. It has welcomed princes, emperors, passing armies, saints, outlaws, hosted outings to the country, and with the same spirit, it can also welcome you today. We ask only a little imagination and uniqueness. After all, you are one of a kind, as you know.

We offer you the possibility to carry out a legally valid civil ceremony directly inside the convent itself. We believe it is an invaluable opportunity, an alternative to a registry office, which is often not the most appropriate setting for such emotionally intense moments. We have seen ceremonies held in the dense forest recalling ancient rites linked to mother nature, moments of pastel-shaded romanticism on the banks of our pond, luxurious and more formal ceremonies hosted among the hornbeams in the Renaissance garden.

Ours is an important challenge from a historical, artistic and environmental standpoint: to preserve an unspoilt corner of the Italian landscape – a 15th century convent and large park – for future generations. For this reason, the Convento dell'Annunciata is a member of ADSI, the Italian Association of Historic Residences.

In the great forest of the convent, squirrels, grey herons, golden orioles, foxes, a myriad of butterflies, jays... have returned after years of exile from their natural habitat – the most valuable testament to our efforts, together with Vogue and Corriere della Sera, that have described the convent as a place of breath-taking beauty. We are infinitely grateful to the journalists, like we are to our magical cats, Mimi and Baba, who roam furtively through the convent woods, with their bright eyes checking that everything remains impeccable.